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Below are samples of the product we sell. To find out more about our products or to order product, please call the store at 716-674-0514

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Gift Baskets

#15 Small Handle Basket
Cajun Nuts, Foil Covered Bells, Non-Pariels, Redskins, Blanced Peanuts, Cashews, Red Pistachios, Honey Toasted and Imperial Mixed Nuts

Weight 3lbs, 8oz


#17 Large Handle Basket
Cajun Nuts, Milk Flats, Non-Pariels, Foil Wrapped Bells, Red Pistachios, Jumbo Cashews, Pecan Halves, Redskins, Imperial Mixed Nuts, Blanched and Honey Toasted Nuts

Weight 4lbs, 6oz


Gift Tins

#3 Candy & Nut Platter
A combination of candy and nuts including;
Foil Chocolate Oranments, Bells and Santas, Hoeny Toasted, Blanched Peanuts, Imperial Mixed Nuts and Jumbo Cashews
Weight 2lbs, 2oz


#8 Four Section Nut

Honey Toasted, Macadamia, Jumbo Cashews and Imperial Mixed Nuts

Weight 1lb, 8oz

#9 Imperial Mixed Nuts
Roasted and Salted Jumbo Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, pecans, Brazil, Almond and Filbert Nuts

Weight 2lbs

#10 Jumbo Cashews
Jumbo Cashews, roasted and salted

Weight 2lbs

#24 Beer Lover's Delight
Tin includes one section each of Blanched Peanuts, Honey Toasted Nuts, Almonds and Fancy Mix

Weight 1lb, 8oz


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